About DataPath Solutions

Our team is made up of professionals who have well over 150 years cumulative experience.

At DataPath Solutions we pride ourselves in the fact that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry. The reason? We consistently deliver our services and products with a focus on customer service.

Enterprise Experience and Expertise

Responsible for perimeter security including firewall, IPS, forward and reverse proxy, content, DDoS, DLP, WAF, etc. Also handle data center networking, virtualization and the security of virtual environments, wireless and general security. Maintain end-to-end architecture within those particular technology verticals and work closely with multiple facets within Information Technology structure — including Audit/Compliance, Engineering, and Operations. Investigate, design, implement, deploy and operate new solutions to enhance existing or enable new business. A wide approach to technology with an obvious focus on security.

We also pride ourselves as leaders in the router and switching space. Along with said L2/L3 networking skills, we maintain additional skillsets in numerous data center architectures on both the design and implementation fronts.

While focusing within our own specialties, we have also have overseen projects that go well beyond our own areas of expertise and coordinate the efforts of a larger team to ensure a unified solution that covers all aspects of a customer’s needs. Responsibilities have included interacting with the customer, gathering requirements from both a business and technological standpoint, transforming those into a solution and then driving the project towards a high/low level design and ultimately to implementation.

We maintain the unique ability discuss highly technical information with the architecture, engineering and operations teams, yet are equally as comfortable disseminating the same information to the CxO and executive level persons within an organization.

Enterprise-level verticals include: healthcare, financial, education, government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and retail. Over 15 years of experience.

Enterprise Management and Operation Skills

  • Manage and direct technical teams including weekly status meetings.
  • Operate within and maintain 8-figure budgets
  • Budget forecasting and planning
  • Executive/C-level communications

Government Experience and Expertise

In the realm of government projects, our team members have combined for over half a decade of first-hand experience with budgets, project management, supervision, consulting, support services, and more.

  1. Provide Red Team services to seven (7) nuclear power facilities for the implementation of new video management, network video recording, and alarm/access control systems. This includes validating all system designs, performing pre-installation testing and validation of the solutions, installation oversight, and post-installation testing and validation.
  2. Due to service outages, we jumped into emergency mode to provide disaster recovery solutions for an entire DoD campus for IP, VoIP, and PBX functionality. Over 550 campus-wide users were stabilized within a matter of hours. Longer-term solutions, included fiber-based IP services, microwave uplinks, and new VoIP services. The new phone system was implemented in an eighteen (18) hour window overnight in the middle of the work week.
  3. Expansion of current security and traffic surveillance systems. We have installed and configured PSIM software as well as supporting the integration of multiple third-party security platforms into a unified command and control platform to simplify the efforts of personnel in dealing with a wide array of security plans and police support. This includes the integration of hundreds of DVR/NVR platforms, thousands of cameras, and numerous other physical security systems.
  4. Design, staging, deployment, testing, and maintenance of secure wireless video solutions integrated directly into video management systems at numerous military bases. This solution has recently been vetted by Sandia National Labs and through the DIACAP certification process. Projects include the design, configuration, and deployment of the NVR’s, VMS’s, cameras, network infrastructure, and secure wireless links.

Our team has experience with US Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Agency, the US Army, and other government agencies. Over 50 years of experience.

We currently provide IP services at numerous locations and branches of the U.S. Government, including the residence of the Vice President of the United States. We also provide dial tone, via our home-grown VoIP services and trunking, to numerous government (and private) entities across the country.

Core Services for Government Contracts

  • Vulnerability assessments and modeling with quantitative cost benefit analysis
  • Physical security / communications systems assessment, design, engineering, and optimization
  • Complete program and project management duties
  • Training, maintenance, technical and lifecycle support
  • Budget management and oversight – projects totaling over $75m, and counting

Small/Medium Business Experience and Expertise

Design, configure, and ongoing maintenance for general technology in SMB’s. Server infrastructure, networking (LAN/WAN/Internet), security, wireless, telephone systems, content filtering, dial tone/VoIP, surveillance, security, e-fax, etc.

With the explosion of EMR/EHR in recent years, we have had multiple opportunities to design, implement and maintain end-to-end solutions to support these types of systems. Specifically, we have experience in working on multiple Greenway/PrimeSuite installations on the private medical practice level. Internally hosted, externally hosted, and Greenway hosted solutions.

Develop products to assist the small/medium business for cost-effective access and use of services. Examples include: shared Internet connectivity and even redundancy within common buildings/campuses for higher connectivity speeds at lesser costs. Access to more cost-effective VoIP platforms with better QoS through similar means of shared connectivity options. Developed as tenant co-ops vs. a number of individual customers all on their own buying individual services.

Transitioning many SMB’s to the co-located and hosted services to lessen the need for internal technology complexity. Hosted services such as EMR/EHR, billing/scheduling systems, inventory, front- and back-office applications, file services, email, domain management, and more. Server/system virtualization, and VDI both internally to SMB and externally hosted with Hyper-V and ESXi installs.

Much like our enterprise skills, we maintain the unique ability discuss highly technical information with the other support personnel/vendors, software companies, etc, yet are able to sit down with the practice manager/physician/managing partner and have similar conversations on a level that they will understand and can appreciate.

Small/medium business verticals include: healthcare, education, oil/gas, financial, government, legal and marketing. Over 30 years of experience.

SMB Management and Operation Skills

  • Manage and direct technical teams and contractors
  • Project management
  • Ability to handle multiple projects, client support needs, etc at the same time
  • Timely responsiveness as outsourced IT/helpdesk
  • Operate within and maintain project-based and ongoing SMB technology budgets
  • Budget planning
  • Development of multi-year technology plans
  • Practice manager/physician/managing partner communication

Skillset Overview


  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Encryption / Confidentiality
  • Large Scale VPNs
  • Remote Access VPNs (IPSec and SSL)
  • PKI
  • Identity / BYOD / guest access
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Data loss / leakage protection
  • Sinkholes and honeypots
  • Enterprise security architecture
  • Application / deep packet inspection
  • Host hardening / tuning
  • Secure management
  • Zoning and segmentation
  • Wireless

Data Center

  • Large scale data center network and server architectures
  • Host virtualization
  • VMWare 4 & 5 portfolios
  • Hyper-V
  • Carrier-level VoIP services
  • Unified Computing
  • VDI / VXI
  • Application delivery and load balancing
  • Active / active designs
  • Workload Portability / Mobility
  • Network Virtualization
  • DR / HA Planning, Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Architecture and Design (IaaS, ITaaS and SaaS)


  • Large scale DNS designs
  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Wireless networking
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Network / server management
  • SIP / IAX trunking
  • Hosted services
  • Inter/intra-office VoIP solutions
  • Out-of-band management architecture and design
  • DMZ / Internet edge architecture and design
  • And many more…

Operating Systems/Servers

  • Windows Server operating systems
  • Windows desktop operating systems
  • Microsoft Exchange, SQL, System Center, Small Business Server, etc.
  • Zimbra Collaboration Server
  • Linux servers and desktops (multiple flavors)
  • Solaris computing
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Government Solutions

  • Command & Control / Situational Awareness (PSIM)
  • Integrated intrusion detection / access control / video surveillance systems with analytics
  • Secure, multi-use wireless infrastructures
  • Radar systems / extended detection systems
  • Real-time personnel and asset tracking
  • Non-lethal response systems
  • Rapid deployment / off-grid solutions
  • Gunshot detection