Hosted Phone Systems and VoIP Services

Most service providers either offer either the phone system or the VoIP services – we are unique as we offer both (and even offer Internet services as well). When there is an issue, we troubleshoot and come up with solutions instead of playing the game to “blame the other guy”. Our goal is to simply solve the problem instead of causing your frustration and downtime to increase.

Our hosted phone systems and VoIP services are monitored real-time 24x7x365 at the carrier-level and because of our Platinum status with our carriers, we receive real-time notifications of issues in case of VoIP network latency or issues. We take pride in our concierge-level of customer service and support with the mindset of providing white-glove “love” to each and every customer. Should an issue become a disaster, we will step through the customized Disaster Recovery Plan to meet your specific needs and expectations when an outage happens.

Hosted Phone Systems

Our hosted phone systems are literally pennies on the dollar compared to the larger names in the industry. DataPath Solutions’ product of choice in the PBX world is 3CX – This system is a software-based phone system and does not have require proprietary phone purchases or have per-port or per phone costs to expand. We will discuss your requirements and design a system that will fit your business today and can also grow without wasteful spending.

Built-In Benefits of 3CX

  • In-office desk phones, remote Windows/Mac phones, or mobile Android / iPhone apps
  • Web and audio conferencing
  • CRM integration (for web page pop-ups upon inbound call)
  • Detailed reporting
  • Web Client
  • Scalable, functional, and easy-to-use (for the end-user)
  • SIP trunks
  • eFax
  • Call Center features

Benefits of DataPath Solutions’ Hosted PBX

  • Thousands of dollars in savings by not having to buy a phone system
  • Always up-to-date
  • Encrypted VoIP traffic from remote location to your PBX
  • Automatic nightly system backups
  • Power outage in your office? Phone system still works!
  • Internet outage in your office? Full phone system functionality still available (via soft phones)
  • PBX security and firewall
  • Proactive 24x7x365 phone system monitoring
  • System can be installed and passing VoIP traffic in less than 4 hours

VoIP Services

At DataPath Solutions, our SIP trunks have worldwide nodes for multi-point redundancy and are scalable to fit any size installation – from the three (3) phone office to dozens of locations with thousands of extensions. We have cost-effective rates and can integrate with nearly any SIP-enabled PBX or analog adapter on the market. We offer Tier 1 VoIP services at non-Tier 1 prices.

Our VoIP product is designed and implemented to support your business needs. Whether it is for a single site with 5 phones and manual forwarding for failover, or numerous sites with 5,000 phones and the need for multiple SIP trunk connections, we actually listen to your requirements and build a solution to support them.

Not ready to buy a new phone system and your legacy PBX only handles POTs (plain old telephone service) signaling? No problem. DataPath Solutions can integrate VoIP into copper business lines and hand it off just like the phone company would – but we can do VoIP for 60% less than the FCC-regulated business line cost.

Benefits of DataPath Solutions’ VoIP Services

  • Worldwide nodes with multi-point redundancy
  • Automatic failover based upon your connection settings – usually based upon latency
  • Same-day VoIP turn-up
  • Customer service: you work with a person not a machine
  • Real-time phone number (DID) procurement and routing
  • Higher availability services with multiple inbound and outbound providers
  • We port your numbers for you – no wasteful learning curve or frustration for you
  • 24x7x365 phone system monitoring
  • Tier 1 VoIP without the Tier 1 price

Contact us today to discuss a hosted PBX and our VoIP services. We look forward to hearing from you!