Network Infrastructure

Your network is a strategic asset – high availability, security, and resilience are critical in fast-paced, real-time environments. Whether you know it or not, your network is constantly under heavy demands – it has to execute complex process in speeds measured in milliseconds.

A technology infrastructure is more than just cables and “something with blinky lights” in the back room. All of your linked technologies are reliant upon your technology infrastructure – wired and wireless networking, unified communications, remote office connectivity, application delivery, and even just logging onto your network. DataPath Solutions designs, implements, and supports sustainable and reliable IT environments – giving your business the agility, flexibility, and scalability it needs to succeed.

Routing and switching

Is your network traffic governed in alignment with your business policies and processes? We will design routing and switching systems to facilitate information transfer based on network loads and information priority (i.e., keystrokes v. VoIP signals v. videoconferencing signals).


As part of a comprehensive and layered security strategy, the DataPath Solutions’ Smart Technology Team will select, install, and configure a dedicated firewall that deeply inspects network traffic and denies or permits access based on rules around compliance, policy enforcement, license cost reduction, and asset protection.

Network operating systems

Critical operating system software controls your network and its packet traffic, controls individual device access to network resources, and provides administrative functions such as security. DataPath Solutions’ consultants select, install, and configure network operating systems that enable employees to efficiently access data and applications.


With data proliferation driven by complex applications, electronic communications, and migration from paper-based systems, data storage isn’t just a technical challenge any more – it can affect bottom lines through poor knowledge management, high management costs, and performance bottlenecks. DataPath Solutions determine the best combination of storage devices to enable the retention and management of information.

Internet bandwidth

Connectivity has evolved beyond a consumer utility to a corporate asset that, when performing optimally, enables productivity and collaboration. DataPath Solutions design Internet and network connectivity with carefully selected bandwidth allowances to ensure usability that drives productivity.

Wireless networking

Demands for face-to-face customer interaction and flexible work environments have turned wireless networking from a luxury into an integral tool for business productivity. We will devise a best-fit wireless solution (wLAN, wWAN, or Wi-Fi network) with the greatest possible performance and security.