Monitoring & Remote Support Services

We all know that preventing a fire is less costly and less of a headache than trying to fight one. Despite this obvious truth, many small- to medium-size businesses tend to fall into the trap of fighting IT fires instead of preventing them with ongoing IT support and monitoring their systems.

In order to meet the uptime challenge, DataPath Solution’s Smart Technology Team uses remote monitoring as the first line of defense to potential IT issues. We work hard to identify and fix problems before they occur, provide regular maintenance, and proactively address potential problems before they become a “crash”.

Left unmonitored, your infrastructure and other technology assets will inevitably fail, leaving employees unproductive (i.e. idle) and impacting your ability to conduct regular business. Events such as this, if laborious to address and fix, can quickly cost thousands of dollars through the loss of employee productivity and lost revenue. With DataPath Solutions’ monitoring and remote support services, we can take corrective action before the issue spirals to an outage, or even before you know anything is happening at all.

Benefits to monitoring and remote support:

  • Bird’s-eye-view into the real-time performance of your infrastructure
  • Protection against security breach
  • Significant decrease in downtime
  • Improved infrastructure and hardware performance
  • Remote monitoring and support costs less and is more timely
  • Take a proactive approach to forecast failures before they occur, such as a server running out of hard drive space or even memory.
  • Minimize disruptions to the work environment by resolving issues remotely through secure remote access
  • Schedule site visits before catastrophe strikes, when a potential issue cannot be fixed remotely
  • Perform standard IT administration duties such as creating and deleting users, modifying access lists, profile and email management

DataPath Solutions will work closely with you to design and develop a regular network maintenance procedure that will keep most potential issues to a minimum. Through this maintenance procedure and the monitoring systems, DataPath Solutions will be able to identify potential problem spots before they turn into an unnecessary outages or business expenses.