Understand IT Consulting for Orthodontist and Dental Practices

New technologies offer dental providers with the tools once only thought of as science fiction. Whether it is a specific test, a full mouth scan, rehabilitation services, or in the procedure room, technology in oral health is changing at a mind-boggling pace.

Information technology has been a part of all aspects of healthcare for quite some time. Twenty-five (25) years ago it was the green screen DOS-based terminals. In most cases, paper ruled the office. As time has passed, so has the complexity and necessity for front- and back-office systems; thus the dawn of the phenomenon now known as electronic medical and health records.

The software company implements and maintains their product for the provider. As complex as that software system may be, the practice needs a whole lot more happening on the backend to just be able to get to that EMR/EHR logon screen. Even a 5-user office will use, access, and require the following IT-based services on a daily basis:

  • Voice services – phone systems and VoIP
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Firewalls & security
  • Files sharing and printing
  • Email
  • Technology Leadership
  • Internet connectivity
  • Hosted systems
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Communications and system cabling
  • Remote access and Virtual Private Networking

In addition to having these systems in place, ongoing service and support is required since technology doesn’t just run itself. In the unfortunate case of a system failure, the failing item will need to be diagnosed and resolved in an expeditious manner.

At DataPath Solutions, we have over 75 years of combined hands-on experience with supporting healthcare and private practices. It doesn’t matter which of the above systems are needed because we are currently performing installations and support on all of them. If required, our 24×7 network operations center will answer emergent calls and dispatch appropriate personnel.

Let us sit down and review your current IT environment. We can build a roadmap to get you from where you are today, to where you need to go. And since customer service is our top priority, our Smart Technology Team member will take the time to explain how each part of the system interacts. Give us a call……we’re sure you’ll be happy you did.